Tuesday, April 6, 2010

www.harvart.cz with Grails

For us last web project www.harvart.cz we used Grails framework.
Earlier we used Spring MVC with Spring Roo for all us projects.
We are really excited to work with Grails framework.
Let mi introduce same of features in Grails:

Rapid development

We don´t often restart Tomcat. After changes in controller classes, gsp pages or config classes is project automatically reloaded. When you add or change same bean in Spring context, it automatically reload too. It is very comfortable behaviour.

URL mapping

For URL mapping Grails use simple mapping file:
"/clanky"(controller:'article', action:'all')
"/clanky/$url"(controller:'article', action:'show')
"/klub"(controller:'klub', action:'about')
"/fotogalerie"(controller:'gallery', action:'all')
"/fotogalerie/$url"(controller:'gallery', action:'show')  
You only determine which controller and action is conjunction with url. When you use Grails link tag then the url is automatically compile in all your HTML links. It is grait!


Every domain class has automatically all GRUD methods. You don´t need to write boring DAO classes.


There are a lot of useful plugins. You only install same plugin and you can use it immediately. In www.harvart.cz we used search plugin. We only marked domain class, which can be search. It is unbelievably simply!


Grails is great! As developer you can concentrate to write your own code only. Groovy give you all you need as web developer. You can use all for Spring, Hibernate and SiteMesh.

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