Sunday, December 2, 2012

Import Gaelyk project to Eclipse IDE

Gaelyk is a lightweight Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine Java and have a good documentation.

Since the Musketyr published Gradl-gaelyk-eclipse-plugin, we can develop a Gaelyk project in comfort of Eclipse IDE.

This tutorial shows how to start a Gaelyk project in Eclipse.

Course of action

  1. Download Gaelyk Template project
  2. Fix
  3. Import project to Eclipse
  4. Set project WAR directory
  5. Set App Engine
  6. Refresh Gradle dependencies
  7. Run project

Download Gaelyk template project

You can download Gaelyk Template project from Gaelyk website or visit Gaelyk on Github. The current version - v1.2 - of Template project on Gaelyk website contains a build problem, which is already fixed, but it is not included in zip package of the Template project on Gaelyk websites.


After downloading the package, it is necessary to change the file

eclipse { 
  classpath { 
    plusConfigurations += configurations.functionalTestRuntime 

Import project to Eclipse

Import the project into Eclipse IDE with Gradle plugin:

File > Import

Set project WAR directory

After import set project WAR directory:

Set App Engine

Refresh Gradle dependencies

Next step is refresh dependencies:

Right click on Project name > Gradle > Refresh All

Run project

Then you run the project as a Web Application:

Right click on Project name > Run As > Web Application



  1. Thank you very much for blogging about this. I I use Eclipse STS for this.


  2. Tom,
    This was EXTREMELY helpful. All the information is still good except for the need to fix the file. I appreciate your attention to detail to explain this to the newbs that came YEARS after the post.