Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Interactive dialogue for HTML5 game - part 2

In the previous post I proposed data structure for interactive dialogues for video game. Within a few nights, I cooked GUI Tool Dialogues builder for compose dialogues. In this post I show you how that tool to use.


Dialogues builder

Dialog Builder is GUI tool for creating interactive dialogues for video games. Because the exported format is JSON you can use it in any programming language.

Work procedure

  1. Add actors for dialogues.
  2. Add dialogs and choices.
  3. Export data as JSON.

Dialogue description

  1. ID and type ( dialogue | choice )
  2. Menu text: may be empty if parent is dialogue
  3. Dialogue text
  4. Link: ID of ancestors
  5. Contains: C - condition, A - code after, B - code before

Dialogue as data

It may interest you to know