Thursday, November 28, 2013

Become a freelancer

A freelancer does not have an easy life. Nobody does his work for him. Fighting against and with non-paying customers is exhausting. But there are significant advantages too. Your destiny is in your hands. You are free! And this is the most.

In this post I want to summarize advantages and disadvantages of work as freelance.

The most immediate impact on me when I decided to go out on my own was
that feeling of empowerment—that I was the one who got to determine my path.
That, in itself, was the biggest advantage for me—the feeling that I was in control
of my future, that I was the decision-maker.
Derek Featherstone

What do you need to become a freelancer?

Work hard

I think that gives a good job is the most important ability for freelancer. It's sad but it's true - you can not become a freelancer without honest, quality and hard work.

Self confidence

You must believe that you are God :) .That you are able to learn new things. Not only from your field, but also accounting, sales, marketing, social relations. Often you get the job you've never done before. Work with the new framework, a new technique. Your confidence and belief that you can do it is what will allow you to say yes. You know that you can do it.

Money stock

At the start you need to have saved up for about half a year in advance. It adds you confidence and peace of mind. You do not need to take every job.

A good place to work

This is very important. You need uninterrupted room. You can not work in the nursery, listen to children playing and his wife's roar. You need high-quality hardware and software and ergonomic chairs.

Fixed working hours

It sounds strange, but without a fixed order and mode can not be a freelancer. Sometimes it is necessary to work overtime, but it must not be the rule. How do you divide the working time is up to you. After your working time forget about work. Pay attention to your family, listen to music, read books, play sports …


It is very important to keep track of your finances. Prepare yourself for the fact that it sucks. Watch the payment, issue invoices, crave payments, argue, fight.


Your working life is not just coding. Keep your website polished and add there every new reference to his last work. Respond to emails and phone calls. Handing out your business cards. Ask satisfied customers for references. If you have class organize a lecture, or go up to the local conference.

Stay up to date
There are a lot of good books and interesting articles on Internet. Set aside one hour a day to reading them. It is a a deposit to your future.

Good luck!